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The Baculum web app

What does Baculum provide?

Baculum provides two web applications: Baculum Web as the web interface to manage Bacula and Baculum API, that is the Bacula programming interface. Both these tools connected together create web environment to easy work with the Bacula Community programs.

In Baculum you can configure and manage Bacula resources on local and remote hosts, run Bacula jobs, perform restore, view useful graphs and metrics and much more. All these features are available via modern, mobile-friendly web interface.

Download Baculum

Install from binary packages for Debian or directly from bacula-gui source archive:


Download the app in AppStore, Google Play or Microsoft Store.

Baculum Web - client configuration

How to configure Bacula?

Baculum enables configuring Bacula

All Bacula components and resources can be configured by using the Baculum Web interface. The main idea of the Baculum Web application is to delivery web interface to manage and to configure Bacula, which can be accessible from any device with web browser installed.


Baculum main attributes













Baculum Web - Baculum API - 100% Community

Where does it come from?

It comes from the Bacula Community!

Baculum Web and Baculum API come from the Bacula Community Project and they are available to everybody for free. Both are accessible under open and free license.