Main features

  • Bacula resource administration:

    • running and monitoring jobs,

    • monitoring File Daemons/Clients and Storage Daemons working,

    • storage volume management,

    • pool management,

    • graphical client status.

    • possibility using the Bacula console on the interface,

    • Storage Daemon actions support (mount, umount, label …etc.)

  • Bacula resource configuration:

    • creating, editing and removing jobs,

    • configuring clients, storages, pools, filesets …etc.,

    • working with Bacula schedules,

    • configuring hosts in local or remote location.

  • Modern web GUI layout,

  • Mobile-friendly responsive interface,

  • Programming interface for Bacula (Baculum API),

  • Running backup and performing restore data,

  • Live and configrable AJAX-based statuses,

  • Statistics and metrics,

  • Advanced graphs,

  • Clear data grids,

  • Multi-user interface with restricted access,

  • LDAP, local or web server authentication support,

  • Managing multiple API instances.

  • OAuth2 authorization

Component relationship

The Baculum Web uses Baculum API for work.



Baculum API

The Baculum API is a web application that is used to work with the Baculum Web. It provides an interface, which serves data for Baculum Web. The Baculum API is also capable to take actions with Bconsole, the Bacula configuration and the Bacula components. There is possible to use the Baculum API separately (without Baculum Web) as a Bacula programming interface but using Baculum Web without Baculum API is not possible.

The Baculum API provides a web panel to configure:

  • authentication

  • authorization

  • the catalog database access

  • Bconsole access

  • Bacula configuration function

  • autochanger devices and tape drives

  • Bacula component actions (start/stop/restart)

Baculum Web

The Baculum Web is a complete web interface (WebGUI) to manage Bacula. It provides the Bacula administration and configuration functions using by the Bacula API interface. There can be one or more Baculum API hosts managed by one Baculum Web interface.

Live demo

If before installing you would like to look how Baculum works, you can use the Baculum online demo for that. It is available at the following address: